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Blue Waters

We are proud to serve gourmet Margarita Man mixes made with natural flavorings pure cane sugar! Be confident in serving your guests a premium slushie or a refreshing margarita.

One sip and you're on vacation!

Blue Waters
Image by Vino Li
Image by Cat Han


Made with organic lemon & lime flavors!

Salt Rim Dip is included with this mix!

Image by Cat Han


A delicious alternative to our lime margarita! Made with natural mango flavors.

Image by Vino Li
Image by Cat Han


It’s like drinking the juice from a gourmet maraschino         cherry... kids love it!           (& adults too!)

Image by Tia
Image by Cat Han


Organic lemon flavors make this lemon version of our traditional margarita absolutely delicious. The perfect summertime refreshment – nice and tart.

Image by Cat Han

         Piña Colada

Hints of pineapple and coconut make this staple of tropical life natural and delicious!

Image by Natasha Skov
Image by Cat Han


Made with organic puréed strawberries & other natural, organic strawberry flavors

Green Apples
Image by Cat Han

  Green Apple

This flavor combines the sweetness & tartness of a succulent green sour apple

Image by Rodion Kutsaiev
Image by Cat Han


Made with all-natural flavoring, it's all the juicy fun without the seeds!

Image by Ryan Loughlin
Image by Cat Han


Our Sangria has mouthwatering orange, lime and lemon flavors.

Image by Cat Han



Made with organic strawberry and lemon flavors

Image by Michael Waddell
Image by Cat Han


Natural peach flavor makes delicious Peach Bellinis, Peach Margaritas, Peach Daiquiris, or non-alcoholic Peach slushies.

Image by Varun Gaba
Image by Cat Han


This traditional cola flavor is delicious with or without alcohol!

Image by Mink Mingle
Image by Cat Han

  Tropical Punch

Made with pineapple, orange, & lime flavors. Makes the perfect Rum Punch or non-alcoholic tropical punch.

Image by Vino Li
Image by Cat Han


This flavor is a creamy orange that tastes like a lifesaver. It’s perfect for the kids. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Image by Cat Han


A chocolate/coffee blend that you can use to serve mudslides with vodka or non-alcoholic frozen coffees.

Image by Fruit Basket Agency
Image by Cat Han

   Mai Tai

A Hawaiian specialty featuring almond, lime, orange and grenadine flavors that will leave your guests saying Mahalo!

  • Peach

  • Tropical Punch

  • Mai Tai

  • Dreamsicle

  • Mudslide

  • Cola

  • Frosé

  • Watermelon

  • Hurricane

  • Sangria


  • Lime

  • Strawberry

  • Lemonade

  • Mango

  • Piña Colada

  • Blue Raspberry

  • Cherry

  • Green Apple

  • Goombay Smash


Image by Cat Han

       Blue Raspberry

This popular kid flavor has a slight bubblegum taste! 

Want a flavor you don't see? Contact us!

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